Back to the basics………, Foundation!!

Its really amazing how much the cosmetic market in Africa has grown in the past decade. When i started out as a makeup artist there were very few brands available in the market .One of the few trusted and affordable brand was MaryKay and then  Black Opal.


I started my makeup kit with about 6 MaryKay foundation shades and believe me those foundations were life savers. I still use Mary Kay till now because it serves the purpose its meant for and it is good value for money in my opinion.


Other brands recently found their way to the African market, the likes of Revlon,Mac,Black Up and recently Maybelline.The arrival of Mac to Africa was like every makeup artists dream come true, happy dance…

My clients often ask me to recommend the best foundation and i usually explain to them that best is relative. Some people swear by Mac while some complain about the foundation tones being too red or too yellow for their skin.The best way to get a foundation that suits your skin is to test several brands in the cosmetic store before settling for the right one for you.


For my work as a makeup artist i basically use two brands of foundation which are Marykay and Mac because they are readily available for purchase in Nairobi. I love these two brands of foundation because they are of very good quality and they  suit women of colour perfectly which makes my work much easier

The user friendly dependable MaryKay foundation.


The photo shows three different package colours of marykay foundation form left to right which represents from old to the new respectively. i was skeptical about buying when i saw the new packaging but  i checked the marykay website and confirmed it was legit.The package with the pink cap was the  very first packaging i bought from MaryKay. After a few years it was changed to the light grey cap which is essentially the same product. however,the package with the black cap is different mainly in terms of ingredients, it is a time wise product which has age defying and sunscreen properties.


It comes in three shade spectrum ivory, beige and bronze. The bronze spectrum caters to African skin so you should look out for the bronze range when you want to purchase Mary Kay foundation.

I love this foundation range because it is versatile and very easy to use. i highly recommend it to beginners because of ease of application and affordability.The foundation comes in medium coverage, full coverage and very recently time-wise matte wear foundation. This foundation dries to a silky lightweight natural looking matte finish. the impressive range of  23 shade options ensure that you find the  perfect match for your skin.


This foundation remains one of my all time favourites and it is quite affordable. Nairobi readers can find  Mary Kay foundation in Uchumi outlets and Nakshi Nouba at Nakumatt Ukay for about 2,000ksh,Enjoy!



I bet every makeup artist at one time or the other has desired and looked forward to owning a mac foundation. the product is formulated for professional use and it is designed to give a flawless matte  long lasting look.

Mac has two shade spectrum NC(neutral cool) and NW ( neutral warm) the NC mostly suits individuals with yellow undertones while NW suits most individuals with orange/red undertones. the best way to determine your shade is to walk into a mac store to try out the available shades.


Mac foundations give  a smooth silky flawless finish which is so beautiful. i find that i dont have to use a lot of product to achieve a smooth flawless finish which makes the cost of the foundation worth it. This product is a must have for every makeup artist and makeup lover.


Mac foundations retail for 4,040 ksh and can be purchased at  the Mac store at Village market. There are a lot of counterfeit mac products making rounds in Nairobi so it is advisable to buy from the mac store.


Choosing the right foundation involves three easy steps.  go to the retail store that sells your preferred foundation brand, select three shades within the range of your skin tone, swatch the three shades on your cheek or neck. The foundation shade that blends in and almost disappears is your correct foundation shade.


Foundation number 4 is the perfect shade for me. did you guess right??.

This is how i test foundation shades on my clients and it works every time.


I would say that before investing in expensive makeup, get the right tools to apply them because this is what ensures flawless application.


Foundation is best applied using a foundation brush, a wedge sponge, a blending sponge or stippling brush depending on the  effect you want to achieve. I personally like the stippling brush because is gives the airbrush effect which looks very smooth and silky.


The flat foundation brush i use for a fuller coverage especially when covering skin blemishes it works best.


The wedge sponge is fantastic for getting foundation to the inner corners of the eye and under eye also for setting foundation using loose powder.


The blending sponge as the name implies is used for blending foundation seamlessly especially when a lot of contouring has been done. It works perfectly well to smoothen and blend in all the sharp lines. This tool is one of my favourite items at the moment.


In my opinion the flat foundation brush is the easiest to use for beginners or non professionals. it is less complicated than the others and  very convenient for daily personal use.


wow i have come to the end of this blog post. There are definitively a lot more foundations out there that i will like to try. Some i already have but i wouldnt consider them as staple foundations for my work.  Maybelline recently arrived in Nairobi it wont be a bad idea to check out what they have to offer. I have heard so much about the maybelline fit me foundation and i will like try that soon. Kindly share your favourite foundation either for personal or professional use and also  your thoughts on the two foundations i have talked about today. Thanks for stopping by and reading through, looking forward to your comments.

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