Wow!! Dreams come true i tell you!!


The  journey  towards launching makeup tools started a year ago after much thought,doubts and fears.I am so thankful it has finally materialized and our first product has been launched,woohooo!!!.I started out as a makeup artist 9 years ago while in university and it has been an incredible journey.Though I had to take a break from makeup in between the years because of work and recently when i had a baby but I’m back now and loving the new challenges.


It might sound cliche but i have nursed the idea of launching my own makeup products for a very long time. The final push to pursue this dream came when my students had virtually all they needed in their makeup kit but could not find eye shadow primers in Nairobi. Makeup artists know how important eye shadow primers are for flawless eye shadow application. So we searched high and low for eye shadow primers, and then one day my husband asked me why don’t you produce yours? For a moment it sounded impossible but I gave it some thought and then I started researching cosmetic manufacturing companies and like the say the rest is history.




An eye shadow primer is one of the easiest makeup tools to use. It is a cosmetic used on the eyelid to prepare the skin for eye shadow application.

Blushingirl tools eye shadow primer comes in a cute white acrylic packaging, weighs .20 oz/ 5.6g it is manufactured in the USA using safe ingredients for the skin. The primer is ivory in colour and has a creamy consistency (it dries matte) which makes it easy for eye shadow  to adhere on your eyelids .


Apply a little quantity with a small concealer brush on each eyelid before you proceed with your eye shadow application and watch your eye shadow  pop like a Pro!.



Eye shadow primers give a wow factor when used before eye shadow application.  I will list the top benefits of using  eye shadow primer

  1. Primers make your eye shadow application less messy because of the texture, eye shadows blend nicely over your eyelid avoiding lots of fallout.
  2. Primers make your eye shadow pop! eye shadows  are true to colour and radiant when primers are used as a base.
  3. Primers ensure you use less eye shadow thereby making them last a lot longer. Using a primer automatically reduces the quantity of eye shadow you pick with your brush to achieve the desired effect.
  4. Primers prevent eye shadows from creasing and smudging.
  5. Primers keeps your eye shadow in place for long hours. i.e 12 hours.


Every makeup artist and makeup lover definitely needs a very good primer in their makeup kit.

DSC07633 (1)

DSC07631 (1)



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Blushingirl tools eye primers can be ordered via phone +25470493703 or email We are working on having distributors in Nairobi, Lagos, Abuja and Jos we will share their contacts very soon.

11 thoughts on “MEET OUR EYESHADOW PRIMER!!!

  1. Jummy says:

    Wow! This product is truly amazing! So, I’m not a pro nor do I use a lot of makeup. However, I was curious to see the difference using a primer will make and my was I blown away. It brought out the true color of my eyeshadows, and yes they popped and they lasted so much longer too! I am really pleased. Thanks BlushingGirl Tools for this amazing product. Great job!

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