lip game on point.

Lip game on point.


Happy new year people!! I am looking forward to a great year of pleasant surprises. A lot of changes have happened in my personal life since my last post and i hope to share details with you all soon. I  know it has been a while  i have posted on the blog so i plan to be more consistent with content for this blog this year. At least 2 posts every month(so help me God)!

I have decided to share with you all some of the trending lip products  i have been using for a while and  find quite fascinating. I am sure you have noticed the hype about matte liquid lipsticks, lipstains etc and also that matte finish is currently the trend with lip makeup.
I personally love the matte look and most of my clients do too. The matte finish gives you a sophisticated and timeless look which is just priceless.

I currently have two brands of liquid lipsticks in my kit, the nouba millebaci and colourpop ultra matte lipstick.



I definitely have my eyes on other brands such as Dose of colours and Anasatsia beverly hills and I hope to lay my hands on them soon. For now, I will be sharing my views on the two brands I have used.  I had been dreaming of laying my hands on colourpop products since i learnt about them on instagram but couldnt purchase them locally. I eventually purchased online during the christmas sale and  my brother brought them for me.

Lip Prep


I usually start preping my lips with the Mary Kay satin lips set before applying lip makeup. The satin lips set has a lip mask and a lip balm and comes in a beautiful small white tube packed in a white box.


DSC05408 (1)

The lip mask is very helpful because it is a lip exfoliator which helps to get rid of dead skin on the lips. This makes lips soft ,supple and very receptive to lip colour.


I highly recommend this set to every lady and makeup artists especially. After using the lip mask apply a tiny bit of lip balm which will moisturize the lips before applying lip colour.



Kindly note that if you are using matte products on the lips apply the lip balm, leave for one minute and wipe off before applying the matte product because most matte lip products do not blend evenly with gloss on the lips.
After this step your lip is ready for colour!

Nouba  Millebaci.


The nouba brand has been around for a while and theres no doubt they are high quality well pigmented makeup. I had no idea about their liquid lipsticks for a long time until last year when i kept seeing them on instagram and youtube. The colours are so rich and vibrant and i was sold!


They come in a sleek acrylic tube in a black box which looks very nice. I particularly love the embedded name inside the acrylic tube cover which looks quite sophisticated.


The lipsticks are very very pigmented, they apply quite evenly and last for about 12 hours! Wow,my clients are always pleased!.



Although the disadvantage with that is that the colour doesnt come off easily, sometimes u might need to use a damp face towel with  gentle back and forth motions on the lip to remove the colour completely.
Also the nouba lipstick has a very hard matte finish which tends to be a bit dry. You can apply a tiny bit of gloss if you find it a bit dry for you.
Overall, I will recommend this lipstick because it is good quality, highly pigmented and lasts very long.
Readers in Nairobi  can purchase nouba millebaci liquid lipstick at the cosmetic shop at Nakummat Ukay for 2,000 Ksh.

Colour pop ultramatte liquid lipsticks


I got this holiday collection of colourpop lipsticks on their website during Christmas. Finally! I have something from colourpop, lol. This cosmetic company just came up and swept us off our feet!

This packaging and minisize lipstick was released during the christmas season. The lipsticks usually come in a bigger individual tube with a doe foot applicator.


I find the lipsticks very exciting to apply. They have a velvety and very smooth feel when applying and although matte it doesn’t have a too dry feel.


They are very pigmented and last for about 6hrs with very light lip activity, lol.
The only disadvantage I’ve noticed with them is that even when dry they tend to rubb off easily when in contact with anything.
I highly recommend this lip product because it is good quality, feels very velvety on application, very very pigmented and good value for money.
I purchased this set on for $20  per pack.
The single regular size retails for $6 on

Liquid lipsticks are the trend now and I particularly love them because they come in handy on days when you are lazy to apply  full makeup. Just apply a bright shade and you will get compliments all day long!


Wearing  no45, the colour i find most fascinating from my nouba millebaci collection!


Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s going to be a great year!!! kindly subscribe and comment as well.


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