About the Creative Director

I am an African woman who loves life and all beautiful things. BlushinGirl Tools was founded to bring out the beauty in African women and inspire confidence.

We serve the African continent with:-

  • professional make-up services
  • training professional of make-up artists
  • providing professional make-up cosmetic tools
  • An African Company building a global cosmetic brand

One of our first goals, is to get the women to be more adventurous with colour and be more confident in expressing themselves through makeup. My pet peeves are seeing women in the wrong foundation shade or over-tweezed thin brows. Our ultimate goal, is to build an empire, like Mary Kay and other amazing women like her. We have produced make-up tools for women of colour and also hope to inspire anyone looking to dabble in this form of expression.

Let us know how we at BlushinGirl Tools can help you…and stay tuned to all the nuggets of information.

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