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So glad to finally blog about the new addition to our product line, the bold matte long lasting liquid lipsticks launched in January 2017, yipppieee!!
Super excited and grateful to God and you all for your unending support! It’s been 4 months since the  launch and we have been getting amazing feedback from everyone who has purchased the lipsticks and this makes it all worth it. Thank you!!


BlushinGirl Tools bold matte liquid lipsticks.
There are 8 pretty shades of matte liquid lipsticks in the BlushinGirl Tools product line. Manufactured in the USA in strict compliance with USA FDA(food and drug administration) regulations using the safest and top quality ingredients ,tested and dermatologist approved.  They are cruelty free, not tested on animals at any point.


The lipsticks come in a frosted tube with a black cap packed in a black box and a doe foot applicator which allows for even, stress free application and to top it up has a yummy vanilla fragrance which our customers love.



Each lipstick has a creamy texture which feels very smooth on application, dries matte about 2 mins after application and stays put for over 12 hours!  They are truly long lasting.

To remove, apply Vaseline all over lips then use wet wipes to take off lipstick.


Introducing the lipstick shades….




Safari means travel, adventure in Swahili.


Inspired by love for travel, adventure and spontaneity. This is for the fun loving, free spirited and versatile lady.

**Customer review

I love it! and it lasted all through the night- Mo Oke



Inspired by my hometown Jos, Nigeria. Its breathtaking landscapes,simple and loving people,positive energy and genuine friendships. This is for all my J-town ladies.

** Customer review

And yh…. i finally caught the J-town fever.It is really  lovely and ive never seen any lippie like it before. It feels so light on the lips and stays all day.- Dami Whenu Adisa

Blushingirl Tools  lipsticks are so flexible and smell so nice- Mobongies



First of, i love your brand name, its easy and catchy…then came your much anticipated liquid lipsticks and instantly loved them. i’m not a makeup person but i couldn’t resist getting one for myself. Its really good quality and true to promise,it does last all day. Lastly i love the names of each colour, love the originality and the way each tells a story.Keep up the good work sis  – Abiola Desalu




Inspired by the movie Brown sugar. A dear friend of mine brought this movie to my house way back in 2003 and i have seen it uncountable times lol, love it!

**Customer review

BlushinGirl Tools brown sugar is smooth,velvety, non cracking comfortable feel and most importantly long lasting…nostalgic of the R&B 90’s  divas, only better this time! smack on some brown sugar today- Yvonne Okonedo Abioye




Inspired by hard working ladies all over the world, setting the pace.

**Customer review

Its Okay and long lasting. I especially love the lovely fragrance smells just like icecream! –Beryl Oywer



Inspired by social media and how it has revolutionized modern and contemporary markeing trends.The world is much smaller with Instagram!

**Customer review

BlushinGirl Tools  lipsticks are so flexible and smell so nice- Mobongies




Inspired by the beautiful East African city Nairobi.Known for is charm,beauty and tranquility.

** customer review

Great product- RB beatylounge




Inspired by the beautiful daisy flower, my favourite flower!

**Customer review

Well done BlushinGirl Tools. I love your pretty packaging, felt like a special gift to myself. Particularly loved the daisy shade, i’ve always been a red lipstick girl so i’m cautious about pink but this was certainly the best shade of pink i have ever tried  and i absolutely enjoyed it. There are many pretty BlushinGirl Tools lipstick shades and i’m excited to try them all. – Afum Matta




Inspired by love for family. The first people we learn to love and give our all.





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Chinny makeup studio at 9 Oluwole Onitire Cole off admiralty way Lekki Phase 1 , Lagos.

Patels Place No 2 Barrack road off Ahmadu Bello way, Jos.


Macrence Pharmacy by Uchumi  supermarket Ardams arcade Nairobi, Kenya.


Watsapp chat BlushinGirl Tools on +14037026436 or send a DM on Instagram @blushingirltools


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Old school Magic


I was at an open market in northern Nigeria recently and guess what I found…?? I bet you can  already guess from the photos. I saw the good old magic lipstick our mothers used in the 80’s and 90’s sitting pretty on the shelve in one of the cosmetic stores i visited. I was so excited to see this, i purchased it immediately. I had no idea it was still  available on the market.


I decided to search for more “old school” makeup items but sadly, i found only the classic black eyeliner pencil which was also used as lip liner back in the day(talk about old school trends, lol).


The magic lipstick stays true to its name. Though green in colour  it immediately changes to red upon application. I was so fascinated about this as a child.



The black eyeliner remains classic black however the application is not smooth and  pigment  not intense but I guess for the price you can’t complain.


I wish i found other “old school” makeup items like the sweet sixteen Brown powder in the cute can , wet lips, chapet lip balm, Tony Montana powder,River island lipsticks etc. so i could   photograph and blog about them but sadly I couldn’t find any of them.

If you by any chance know where I can find any of these items, kindly comment below or send me an email.


Magic Lipstick purchased at Terminus market Jos @N100
Black eyeliner pencil   @N50

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Makeup application can be quite fascinating when the correct tools are used. A basic makeup brush set is essential in achieving a clean flawless look. Makeup brushes also help to reduce waste and time spent applying makeup.
For everyday makeup application a basic set of 5 makeup brushes will do the magic.
1. Powder brush
2. Foundation brush
3. Blush brush
4. Eye shadow brush
5. Lip brush

Each brush is designed to apply  makeup flawlessly.


Powder brush

This is usually the largest brush in the set. The bristles are made from  horse, goat or squirrel hair because this type of hair tends to pick up powder particles easily and evenly distribute it on the face.
There are also good synthetic powder brushes available for those who are allergic to animal hair or those who are particular about cruelty free products.
The powder brush ensures a smooth and flawless application using less product and less time.

The powder puff which usually come with most powders are not effective in achieving  a flawless application.


 It  tends to habour a lot of  bacteria because of the material it is made from, also  because it comes  in  very close  contact  with the skin during application it absorbs oil and moisturizer which build up and form bacteria. Finally, because it is stored  inside the powder compact after use which doesn’t allow for  much air. This allows the bacteria from the sponge transfer nicely unto your powder.(Thankfully most powder compacts now have a separate compartment at the base for the sponge which helps a bit).
However, a powder brush is essential.

Foundation brush

This brush is usually made from synthetic  fibers which are designed to pick up liquid cosmetic products without absorbing it before application. It is usually flat and silky to touch and it does an amazing job of distributing foundation evenly all over the face.

Blush brush


This is usually next in size to the powder brush. It is also made from animal hair which is best for applying cosmetics generally. The blush brush is designed smaller than the powder brush for  ease of control and precise application of blush around the cheek area.

Eyeshadow brush


This brush ensures smooth application and blending of eye shadow over the eyelids.
Eye shadow applicators  shown in the picture below hardly do a great job of applying eye shadow evenly.


Lip brush

The lip brush comes in very handy  when blending lip
liner and lipstick  for a clean smooth  finish. And also for even distribution of lip colour.

Care of brushes.
Brushes should be cleaned once a week to avoid buildup of bacteria.
Using warm water and dish washing liquid wash the brush bristles gently in a downward motion until lather is clean. Rinse with warm water and dry them on the edge of a table making sure the bristles are placed over the edge so they dry quickly.



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5 minute DIY everday work makeup


Applying makeup on a busy work day can be a hassle especially when you have a lot to put in place within a short time before  heading out for work in order to beat traffic and get to work in good time.
For the busy 8-5 professional you may have skipped makeup a few times or a lot of times because you feel there is no time for the seemingly long process.
Some of my friends tell me that they don’t bother with makeup most days because it takes so much time. They just simply apply lip gloss or lipstick and they are good to go.
Everyday work makeup can be achieved in 5 minutes. It doesn’t have to be applied to perfection like bridal makeup or makeup you see in magazines. You can achieve a decent look in 5 minutes with the tips I will be sharing with you today.
Makeup application doesn’t necessarily have to take a long time. There are some basic tips that can help you reduce the time you spend applying makeup to 5 minutes!

First of all for basic everyday work makeup you need the following products
1. Face Moisturizer


2. Liquid Foundation(optional)


3. Pressed powder foundation

4. Eyebrow pencil

5  Mascara

6. Black eye liner

6. Lip gloss/ lipstick


7. Foundation brush


1 Minute
Apply face moisturiser all over the face. Rub in until your face feels supple and moisturised.


Apply your liquid foundation next or skip to pressed powder


This step is optional, if you don’t have blemished skin or black spots to cover you can skip  liquid foundation and go straight to apply your pressed powder all over the face. Foundation can be applied faster by distributing the foundation all over the face as shown below and quickly spreading it all over evenly with a foundation brush.





30 seconds

Blend foundation properly all over the face and then set with pressed powder so foundation stays in place longer.




1 Minute 30 seconds

Next get your eyesbrow pencil and fill in your brows. If you remember from my previous post I mentioned  that for everyday makeup your goal is to achieve a decent eyebrow shape. So for work makeup you don’t need to highlight the brows with concealer.




1 Minute
Apply Mascara generously on your upper and lower lashes. A lot of people tend to ignore the lower lashes but there’s such a huge difference when mascara is applied on your lower lashes.

Next apply black eyeliner on your waterline, this step defines the eyes and immediately transforms the way you look.



**This step is very important because if you notice I did not include eyeshadow application in this 5 minute makeup routine. When you apply mascara and eyeliner properly you can comfortably skip eyeshadow and you wont miss it.

pixlr (5)

1 Minute

Apply your lipstick or lipgloss whichever you choose is totally up to you.





And you are good to go conquer the world!

pixlr (4)

** All pictures used are in raw unedited format

Product details

Mac foundation and powder purchased at Mac store village market, Nairobi.

Foundation brush purchased at

Sleek eyebrow pencil purchased at Nakumatt

Maybelline mascara purchased at Nakumatt

BlushinGirl Tools Black eyeliner pencil available for purchase from April 2016

BlushinGirl Tools matte lipstick available for purchase from April 2016


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Eyebrows speak……..

Eyebrows speak louder than words!!


I never leave home without doing my eyebrows except it’s an emergency. The brows frame the face so it is of utmost importance to get them groomed right because they can transform  the face dramatically in a good or bad way.
I was tempted to put up some pictures of bad eyebrows that have been circulating on social media for quite a while but I decided not to for fear of being sued, lol.
I must say sincerely, eyebrow grooming can be a tough nut to crack but with constant practice and persistence it will become a walk in the park.

I have always been particular about eyebrows since high school, I think that’s how I discovered my passion for beauty and makeup.Recently  my childhood  friend Marvey reminded me how I always observed people’s eyebrows way back in high school and talked to her about how they can be groomed properly but she was so so not interested, lol.

Anyway  back to the topic of the day. I will be sharing with you the tools needed for eyebrow grooming and  step by step tips on how to get that perfect brow shape. I will  also take it a bit further by showing further steps used to achieve a  bold defined eyebrow look when you want to step up your makeup for occasions, parties and nights out.

For  Basic eyebrow grooming you need the following tools
1. Spoolie brush or mascara wand .

2. Sharpener

3. Eyebrow pencil

4. Manicure scissors

5. Tweezers



For intense defined brows you will need to add the following tools
6. Brow gel/ Brow Genius





7. Eyeliner brush

8. Concealer (one shade lighter than your skin tone).


First you need to determine where your eyebrows should begin, where it should arch and where it should end. The pictures below provide  a description of this.




To get started,use the spoolie  brush, brush brow hair backwards so they all lay flat.




Next, sharpen your pencil using a sharpener so it looks like this.



A blunt and tired pencil is a NO NO it will get your brows no were. It won’t let your brows be great, lol.


Using your sharpened pencil, start underneath the point were your brows are meant to start  as shown in the image above, draw a line continuously taking note of your iris so you do not miss your arch. As soon as you get to the arch start descending until you reach the point were the brows should stop.



Repeat the same process on top of the brows until the line above joins the one



below. Now your brows are half complete.

You will notice the brows between the two lines look quite sparse so you need to fill it in with the pencil until you are satisfied with the way it looks.


Now we need to remove stray hairs from the bottom and top of the brows so it looks completely clean.
Use a spoolie brush to brush brow hair upwards. The hair that shows up above your pencil line  should be trimmed off using the manicure scissors.




Also, all stray hair beneath the pencil line should be tweezed off.

After this your brows will look more defined and you should have the perfect shape you desire.




For a more defined look, simply repeat the process of filling the brows using a brow gel. A brow gel lasts much longer and most times has a stronger pigment than pencils. I used the BM PRO brow gel (Audrey) which comes with its own brow brush and I must say this product is simply amazing.




It makes my brows look great all the time. Another popular Brow gel created by a brow genius Anastasia Beverly hills is the ABH brow pomade.


It is a fantastic product as well but I think BM PRO brow gel gives the same effect if not even better and it’s much cheaper. So let’s support an African brand!
After filling your brows use an eyeliner brush and a concealer to line underneath and above your brows.




Use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin because the idea is to highlight your brows and make it stand out.
Blend concealer properly till it blends out with your skin.





Apply the rest of your makeup and you are good to go!

Congratulations eyebrow genius!!!


Sleek eyebrow pencil purchased at Nakumatt Nairobi @500ksh

Bmpro brow genius purchased at BM PRO store Lagos @ N2,500

Anastasia Beverly hills brow pomade purchased at @

Brushes, sharpener, tweezers purchased at @ $2 each

Concealer purchased at super duper cosmetics green house mall Nairobi.

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lip game on point.

Lip game on point.


Happy new year people!! I am looking forward to a great year of pleasant surprises. A lot of changes have happened in my personal life since my last post and i hope to share details with you all soon. I  know it has been a while  i have posted on the blog so i plan to be more consistent with content for this blog this year. At least 2 posts every month(so help me God)!

I have decided to share with you all some of the trending lip products  i have been using for a while and  find quite fascinating. I am sure you have noticed the hype about matte liquid lipsticks, lipstains etc and also that matte finish is currently the trend with lip makeup.
I personally love the matte look and most of my clients do too. The matte finish gives you a sophisticated and timeless look which is just priceless.

I currently have two brands of liquid lipsticks in my kit, the nouba millebaci and colourpop ultra matte lipstick.



I definitely have my eyes on other brands such as Dose of colours and Anasatsia beverly hills and I hope to lay my hands on them soon. For now, I will be sharing my views on the two brands I have used.  I had been dreaming of laying my hands on colourpop products since i learnt about them on instagram but couldnt purchase them locally. I eventually purchased online during the christmas sale and  my brother brought them for me.

Lip Prep


I usually start preping my lips with the Mary Kay satin lips set before applying lip makeup. The satin lips set has a lip mask and a lip balm and comes in a beautiful small white tube packed in a white box.


DSC05408 (1)

The lip mask is very helpful because it is a lip exfoliator which helps to get rid of dead skin on the lips. This makes lips soft ,supple and very receptive to lip colour.


I highly recommend this set to every lady and makeup artists especially. After using the lip mask apply a tiny bit of lip balm which will moisturize the lips before applying lip colour.



Kindly note that if you are using matte products on the lips apply the lip balm, leave for one minute and wipe off before applying the matte product because most matte lip products do not blend evenly with gloss on the lips.
After this step your lip is ready for colour!

Nouba  Millebaci.


The nouba brand has been around for a while and theres no doubt they are high quality well pigmented makeup. I had no idea about their liquid lipsticks for a long time until last year when i kept seeing them on instagram and youtube. The colours are so rich and vibrant and i was sold!


They come in a sleek acrylic tube in a black box which looks very nice. I particularly love the embedded name inside the acrylic tube cover which looks quite sophisticated.


The lipsticks are very very pigmented, they apply quite evenly and last for about 12 hours! Wow,my clients are always pleased!.



Although the disadvantage with that is that the colour doesnt come off easily, sometimes u might need to use a damp face towel with  gentle back and forth motions on the lip to remove the colour completely.
Also the nouba lipstick has a very hard matte finish which tends to be a bit dry. You can apply a tiny bit of gloss if you find it a bit dry for you.
Overall, I will recommend this lipstick because it is good quality, highly pigmented and lasts very long.
Readers in Nairobi  can purchase nouba millebaci liquid lipstick at the cosmetic shop at Nakummat Ukay for 2,000 Ksh.

Colour pop ultramatte liquid lipsticks


I got this holiday collection of colourpop lipsticks on their website during Christmas. Finally! I have something from colourpop, lol. This cosmetic company just came up and swept us off our feet!

This packaging and minisize lipstick was released during the christmas season. The lipsticks usually come in a bigger individual tube with a doe foot applicator.


I find the lipsticks very exciting to apply. They have a velvety and very smooth feel when applying and although matte it doesn’t have a too dry feel.


They are very pigmented and last for about 6hrs with very light lip activity, lol.
The only disadvantage I’ve noticed with them is that even when dry they tend to rubb off easily when in contact with anything.
I highly recommend this lip product because it is good quality, feels very velvety on application, very very pigmented and good value for money.
I purchased this set on for $20  per pack.
The single regular size retails for $6 on

Liquid lipsticks are the trend now and I particularly love them because they come in handy on days when you are lazy to apply  full makeup. Just apply a bright shade and you will get compliments all day long!


Wearing  no45, the colour i find most fascinating from my nouba millebaci collection!


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BlushinGirl Tools Journey..

Here’s a brief introduction BlushinGirl Tools Cosmetic production and retail journey .

The dream came to life in 2006 when our Creative Director signed up for professional makeup classes @patelsdexterity one of Nigeria’s best cosmetic companies in Jos, Nigeria.Starting with the basic skills in make-up artistry to product development knowledge. Being a pharmacist, her students got very familiar with the ingredients used in makeup manufacture and their benefits.

Our creative Director went further to get a diploma in advanced makeup artistry and image consulting form the ElitePro makeup institute in Madrid,Spain. Continue reading

Making progress!!!

A lot has happened in the past few weeks, the most recent of all being valentines day.For me it was a quiet one as I spent the entire day with my family.We had breakfast at a nice cafe and the rest of the day at home watching movies.Spending time with the people that matter most in your life is the essence of Valentine in my opinion. Continue reading